This page contains links to information explaining the process of becoming a licensed inspector, inspector and re-certification training and renewing inspector certification.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) provides inspector licenses to applicants who have:

  • Completed certification training

  • Met specific license requirements

  • Paid all applicable fees

An inspector can be licensed to perform non-commercial, commercial, 7D and/or motorcycle inspections. 7D and motorcycle training is for safety only inspections, while non-commercial and commercial training includes safety, emissions testing and additional material that meets the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements for the inspection of commercial motor vehicles.

Inspector Licenses are valid for one year unless suspended or revoked.


Steps to Becoming an Inspector 

Step 1

Successfully complete all applicable inspector training course(s).

Step 2

Submit an Inspector License Application to the RMV. You can complete the application online at Online RMV Service Center or download and print the application and mail it with the license application fee to the RMV at the address provided on the application.

To learn more about becoming an inspector, or if you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Center at 1-844-358-0135


Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspector Qualifications

If you want to become a licensed inspector of commercial motor vehicles, first you need to be licensed as a non-commercial inspector. In addition, you must:

  • Have at least one year of experience:

    • In a truck manufacturer-sponsored training program or similar commercial training program designed to train students in truck operation and maintenance; or

    • As a mechanic or inspector in a motor carrier maintenance program; or

    • As a mechanic or inspector in truck maintenance at a commercial garage, fleet leasing company or similar facility; or

    • As a commercial motor vehicle inspector for a state, provincial or federal government; and

  • Hold an RMV license to operate a vehicle with the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating that you are applying to inspect;

  • Hold an RMV inspector’s license for the vehicle Class that you want to inspect; and

  • Be employed by an inspection station licensed to inspect commercial motor vehicles.

Licensed non-commercial inspectors who wish to apply for commercial certifications should complete and return the Inspector Training Application. When completing the application, be sure to check box 11b: Commercial.


Initial Inspector Training and Examination

Training & Examination Locations
There are five regional training/examination locations distributed across the Commonwealth. They are co-located at the Motorist Assistance Centers in Medford, Norwood, Pocasset (Bourne), Shrewsbury and West Springfield, and shown in the map below.

Initial Inspector Training & Examination
Initial inspector training is comprised of:

  • Home-based study

  • Classroom instruction

  • PC-based exam

All prospective inspectors are required to 1) complete and return the Inspector Training Application, 2) access the training manual—an electronic version of the manual is available in the Station and Inspector Resources section of this website, and 3) confirm they have reviewed the manual prior to scheduling classroom-based training. Thereafter, they must participate in an eight-hour, instructor-led classroom training and pass the exam to become a certified inspector. Students who do not pass the exam will be provided with the sections of the manual for the questions they answered incorrectly so focus can be directed at the trouble areas during home-study prior to retaking the exam. Students are permitted to retake the exam two times. Should a student not pass the exam after three attempts, they are required to retake the initial training course.

To pass the written exam, students must score 80 percent or higher. Students that pass the exam with a score of less than 100% are required to review the questions they answered incorrectly.

The RMV determines when all remaining licensing requirements are met, collects the appropriate fee and issues an inspector license (with photo ID) to qualified candidates. Inspector licenses, which are valid for one year, are mailed to new inspectors.

Initial Inspector Training Fees
Fees for initial training courses are:

  • Non-commercial: $157.50

  • Commercial: $105.00

  • 7D: $105.00

  • Motorcycle: $84.00

Cancellation Policy
A student who needs to cancel/reschedule a confirmed class must provide 48 hours’ advance notice by calling our Customer Service Center at 1-844-358-0135. If the student fails to provide 48 hours’ notice that they shall not attend a class, the student will be charged the appropriate training fee before they are allowed to reschedule for another training session.