The Repair Data Entry web application is designed for Registered Emissions Repair Facilities (Registered Shops) to securely enter vehicle emissions repair data. From this data, Massachusetts Vehicle Check will generate an Emissions Repair Success Rating (ERSR) for each Registered Shop. The ERSR is the ratio of retest passes to total repairs. The ratio is then converted to an ERSR score based on a five-star rating system. Five stars are given to shops with the best repair success ratio.

Registered Shops are responsible for entering repair data by the end of the tenth day following the close of each calendar quarter. Specifically, the data must be entered before midnight on the tenth day of April, July, October, and January. For example, October data is due by November 10th. Each vehicle repair entered will count towards the total number of repairs in the reporting period. Your repair data will generate your first ERSR after six months of data collection, and be updated quarterly thereafter. Subsequent ERSRs will be generated quarterly.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for Repair Data entry for Q2 2019 must be completed by January 20, 2020.

We recommend that you print and complete an Emissions Repair Data Form (see the Repair Industry Resources section) immediately after performing each vehicle repair to make it easier to enter the required repair data online.