Registered Emissions Repair Facilities and Technicians may find the following links helpful in diagnosing vehicles and assisting motorists. The Massachusetts Vehicle Check Program is not responsible for the content on any of these external web pages.

We hope you find these interactive online resources beneficial and enjoy the convenience of having one place to go to for the exchange of information with industry peers!

Inspection Update Newsletter

The Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and their contractor, Applus, recognize the need to keep vehicle inspection and repair professionals up-to-date with changes to the Massachusetts Vehicle Check Program, technical lessons learned and other related information. A newsletter, Inspection Update, is published quarterly with useful program information for licensed inspectors and registered repair technicians and facilities.

Because MassDEP, RMV and Applus are committed to conserving natural resources, the newsletter is now distributed exclusively by email to stations/inspectors and Registered Techs. In addition, an electronic version is posted on the Program website.


Repair Tech Forum

Having trouble with an emissions-related repair? Use the MA Vehicle Check forums to interact with your fellow repair technicians or to search for previous threads. You can also upload and view documents and images (e.g., waveforms, scan data, component photos) related to discussion posts.

Other Forum Resources


General Resources


Manufacturer OBD Service Websites


Manufacturer OBD Mode 6 Data Websites