Massachusetts Vehicle Check inspector training certifications are valid for a period of two years. Therefore, periodic re-certification training is required for inspectors participating in the Massachusetts Vehicle Check Program. Inspectors must participate in re-certification training within 90 days of their current training certification expiration date to continue inspecting vehicles.

You must complete non-commercial re-certification before beginning commercial and/or 7D re-certification training. Applus and the RMV will notify inspectors by mail when license and training renewals are due. In order to aid this process, inspectors should keep all contact information on file with Applus and the RMV up-to-date.

Re-Certification Exam

After reviewing re-certification training material, inspectors are required to pass a re-certification exam. Inspectors may take the exam up to 90 days prior to their current training expiration date.

The non-commercial and commercial re-certification exams consist of 50 questions, while the 7D and motorcycle exams consist of 25 questions. Inspectors have 120 minutes to complete the non-commercial and commercial exams and 90 minutes to complete the 7D and motorcycle exams. All exams must be passed with a grade of 80 percent or better.

Inspectors are allowed three attempts to pass the exam (one initial and two free re-tests). If they do not pass the initial re-certification exam, the re-tests must be taken within 45 days of the initial exam. In addition, the inspector must successfully pass the re-certification exam prior to the current training certification’s expiration date in order to continue inspecting vehicles. Failure to do so will result in the inspector being locked out from performing inspections. When this occurs, the inspector will need to call the RMV to reactivate their inspector license after successfully passing the exam. Please note that reactivation may take up to 24 hours. To avoid this situation, inspectors are encouraged to pass the re-certification exam before their training expires!

Re-Certification Training Fees

  • Non-Commercial: $60.00

  • Commercial: $97.00

  • 7D: $10.00

  • Motorcycle: $25.00

Preparing for the Re-Certification Exams

Non-Commercial Re-Certification
The non-commercial re-certification exam has been completely re-worked and is significantly different when compared with the initial training exam. The subject matter for most re-certification exam questions is based on workstation messages, information contained in Inspection Update Newsletters (see the Station and Inspector Resources section) and key content from the Non-Commercial Training Manual you received prior to your initial training. We recommend reviewing each of these materials before taking the re-certification exam.

Commercial Re-Certification
The commercial re-certification requirement includes four hours of classroom training prior to taking the exam. Applus will contact you using the phone number or email address you provided on your training application and/or your station’s phone number to schedule the training. 

Classroom & Exam Information
The commercial re-certification training class focuses primarily on the Massachusetts Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspection and the FMCSA Regulations. You will receive a FMCSA Regulation Handbook during your training Class.

Commercial re-certification training will be conducted in the Medford, Norwood, Pocasset, Shrewsbury and West Springfield Motorist Assistance Centers (MACs).

An inspector who needs to cancel/reschedule a confirmed re-certification class must provide 48 hours’ advance notice by calling our Customer Service Center at 1-844-358-0135. If the student fails to provide 48 hours’ notice that they shall not attend a class, the student will be charged the appropriate training fee before they are allowed to reschedule for another training session.

The commercial re-certification exam is notably different than the initial commercial training exam.

The basis for the re-certification exam questions can be found in the FMCSA Regulation Handbook, Commercial Training Manual and commercial re-certification Classroom presentation.

7D Re-Certification
The 7D re-certification exam focuses on the 7D regulations and the initial training manual material, as well as any workstation messages or newsletter articles that have current information related to 7D inspections. 

Motorcycle Re-Certification
The Motorcycle re-certification exam focuses on the motorcycle regulations and initial training manual material. It is important to review the manual and regulations, as well as any up-to-date workstation messages or newsletter articles related to motorcycles to help you prepare for the exam.