Registry of Motor Vehicles Unveils New Inspector’s License, Driver’s License and Identification Cards

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Division, recently introduced the next generation of Massachusetts Inspector’s Licenses, Driver’s Licenses and Identification Cards. The new cards remain among the most secure and technologically advanced in all of North America, demonstrating the Registry’s commitment to continuous improvement and maintaining the integrity of the Commonwealth’s most important identification documents.

The newly designed cards have been crafted with a distinct and innovative design as well as the latest security features. The updated design showcases the proud history of Massachusetts, including historical landmarks such as:

  • Golden Dome of the State House
  • State bird - the Chickadee
  • State flower - the Mayflower
  • Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts 54th Regiment

The new Inspector’s License, Driver’s License and Identification cards advanced security features include:

  • Tactile features - raised lettering similar to a credit card
  • Laser technology (making duplication difficult)

Current (non-expired) cards will remain acceptable throughout a specified transition period. The transition periods are:

  • Inspector’s License –approximately one year until expiration
  • Driver’s License and Identification cards – approximately five years until expiration

The RMV is pleased to have partnered with MorphoTrust USA, a Billerica-based company, in the design and production of the newly designed Inspector’s License, Driver’s License and Identification Cards.